Educated Readers Please?!

When I ask for educated readers I’m not asking  for people with a particular degree of intelligence, no, what I want is people to go find their own information based on facts I drag back here for them.  I want that for a couple of reasons…first, I want it because I’m not a specialist in any of the things I think about. I am an average Jane.  I am not diagnosing, or recommending treatment for anyone.  If I talk about something and it touches a nerve or an interest in you I hope you’ll go and search for more information.  I don’t want the responsibility!  I love my readers but I’m not taking any responsibility for you all 🙂

Secondly, I’m a little lazy.  I do not link where I should, and I don’t worry about writing according to the MLA.  I just type.  This isn’t a well edited journal.  It’s my thought space.  So I really do love my readers and I’m really glad you’ve come to visit me here, but I’m writing here after reading the news that interests me.  I can tell you where I go for science news, or news about health, or news about the world, but you’d have to ask me for it cause it’s not my job to tell you everything!  I have a job.

I like thinking about things.  I don’t have an agenda as far as I’m aware.  I see things and drag them back here.  Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have a critical reader who catches me, or who questions something I say.  I actually enjoy that.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and for reading some of my posts.  If anyone sees something that they need more information on, please send me an email at mogallant@gmail.com.  I will respond there, or you can comment here.  I’ll answer you here as well.  But be critical readers okay?



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