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Over at AOL today they are talking about a “condiment” that can help lose belly fat.  Well, when you read the article you’ll find that the condiment they are talking about is apple cider vinegar, which isn’t something I put on my food most of the time.  So while I wouldn’t exactly call it a condiment, I do have to admit I have a bottle in my refrigerator that I bought at a whole foods store and I bought it from there because I wanted something called the “mother” in it.

What is the mother? Well, it’s a bit of the fermented apple.  It hasn’t been removed to make it nice and see through.  I do actually ingest this stuff, although not as often as I probably should because according to the study over at AOL researchers found that adding a bit to the diet every day lowered blood glucose levels.  I like the sound of that.  There are however some cautions about adding apple cider vinegar to your diet. First it’s an acid- acetic acid, and it can burn your throat, or skin as you ingest it.  For most folks it won’t be a serious burn, just a little uncomfortable, but you don’t want to do that regularly because you don’t want to mess around with your nice esophagus!  What I do is pour two tablespoons into a glass of water and drink it. It isn’t all that bad in my opinion but I like things with a bit of a kick.

Next, a lot of folks have been worried about gluten.  Well, there are some folks saying that gluten isn’t just bothering our digestion systems, it also might be bothering our brains.  Check out something called zonolin.  I have to do more research on my own, but there might be a problem with a cascade in the body when it ingests too much sugar, or too  many carbohydrates.  Gluten is one of the things that we find in a lot of carbs.  So think about it.  Remember in the old days we talked about Wheat belly, now there is Grain Brain 🙂

Now I am unpleasantly plump, so please do not take my word for health behaviors that will result in a thin and comely YOU.  No, I can just pass along information that intrigues me.  I am heavier than I’d like to be and I try to diet regularly, but it doesn’t seem to take.  I know there are a lot of folks out there who will say calories in equals weight.  And folks like that are welcome to doubt my sincerity when I say that there has to be something else that keeps the weight on me because I try not to overindulge.

So now that you know that I’m not talking down to anyone,  I am seriously thinking about this stuff, and this is the last thing that interests me, I was thinking the other day about the temperature in our environments these days. In the old days people were a lot less toasty in my opinion.  I can’t tell you how many times I  read something that talks about way back when folks were outdoors in the cold, or how they slept in chilly rooms with windows open year round?  These days we are locked into our temperature controlled spaces and that made me wonder if there was any possibility that temperature had an impact on weight?

Turns out there was a study done recently about how room temps affect humans.  Warmer temperatures, warm, not hot, increase body weight. Well, in truth there were several that I saw.

What was really fascinating to me was that the longer humans are in cold temperatures, the more they accommodate themselves to them.  If you spend a couple of weeks at 59 degrees, your body will think that is a comfortable temperature to live at.  IT makes a lot of sense to me, because I notice that I can be outdoors on a warm winter afternoon and barely feel the chill at 52 degrees, and yet, I am sure that physiologically my body is compensating for the temperature change.  I need to maintain my body heat, and being outdoors when it is chilly will force my body to work to increase my body temps.  That isn’t rocket science is it?

So as winter continues make sure you take care of yourself. Walk when you can, eat healthy foods, think about that condiment we were talking about earlier and spend some quality time outdoors in the cold.

I’m going to try!



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