I wish I could settle the angst in the Ukraine with the wave of a wand.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like wand waving is going to help the conflict that is going on there.  Yanakovych who was their democratically elected president agreed to continue trade with Russia which probably made Russia happy, but many people in the country objected to that relationship because they preferred more of an alignment with the EU.

One of the problems seems to be that Ukraine is already doing a large part of it’s trading with Russia and countries like Turkey.  While  residents of Ukraine want better jobs, better living conditions and “better trade opportunities” we have to remember that the EU has been going through some financial setbacks just like we have here in the US.  It isn’t likely that members of the EU will embrace all the Ukrainians that would want jobs and business from EU member states.  So there is a mess.  Russia is very interested in Ukrainian pipe lines for energy, and while I’m sure the EU would like to exert some control over those same energy lines…Russia is already there and active in the region.  So when we hear that Russia has sent armed men to the Ukraine 8 planes and they’ve “borrowed airports”…the Russians believe that they are protecting rights that they’ve already received commitments on.  According to their point of view they are following the letter of the law.

While John McCain is saying ” We are all Ukrainians” or something very much like that the truth is the US doesn’t have a lot of power or control over this situation.  The countries surrounding the Ukraine really need to come forward first and make strong statements first.  Until that happens, I would hope that the US doesn’t engage in any conflict with Russia.

It is incredibly sad that there have been deaths over this.  It’s horrible. I don’t want to say “only 12 people have died and less than a hundred have been injured” because there shouldn’t be death over political protests.  There often has been throughout history, but it’s wrong!   Still, reason must prevail.  We can’t sink into something like a world war because Ukrainians disagree with their former/current leader.  ( I wrote it that way because he says he’s still the leader,  of course he’s saying that at a Russian press conference.)

I’m just a simple person reading through the global news.  I had a really hard time looking at one news photo…it showed a candle glowing behind a picture of a protesters face.  The image was part of a luminary display.  The pictures are of people who are now dead.

It’s too sad.


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