Here is News on Texas Tracking for Schools

Why am I talking about what is going on in Texas?  Well, new ideas aren’t fabricated out of thin air, while average folks like you and me don’t get to hear about what other schools are doing I have a feeling that the folks who are on these education planning commissions do.  They can afford to hire people to look at what is going on around the country. All we have are folks like me 🙂

That aside, let’s look at what folks in Dallas Fort-Worth are reading with their morning cereal-

The law abandons previous requirements that most students take four years of math and science, including algebra II. It’s instead designed to provide teenagers hoping to land high-paying jobs right out of high school the flexibility to focus on vocational training.

But some school districts will have to offer new courses, or retool existing ones. Also, there’s no requirement that all schools provide every course the law lists as meeting new standards, meaning students with specific academic focuses may have to travel to other campuses to take a class like auto repair.

And committee members expressed alarm that counselors will have to meet with eighth-graders for all-important discussions on what kinds of courses they will take all through high school to ensure they stay on track to meet all the new rules — an especially daunting task since some counselors in urban school districts are assigned to as many as 400 students each.

There we have it! We appear to be going the way of other nations who track students.  Some kids are considered for further intellectual pursuits, and some are directed towards vocational programs.  This may well be a reasonable choice.  Expecting all children to go on to get a college degree might not be the  best option.  But this new idea isn’t all that new, it is just new to America.

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