Ebola and Us

Ebola is one scary illness.  I just read that there are about 4,000 people who have died recently from it.  It’s horrible.

I’m nobody, but I’d like to begin by saying  I’m dreadfully sorry that the people in West Africa are suffering from this disease.  It’s just horrifying and it breaks my heart to imagine the fear and dread that must be in people’s hearts when a loved one exhibits any of the symptoms of illness, or malaise.  I just can’t imagine how scary it must be to see a loved one take sick.

So why am I talking about it?  Well, I see it in the news feeds I get, and some of those feeds are talking about patients showing up in Atlanta.  And that is the kind of thing that makes some folks worry about Ebola taking  hold in this country.  That is why I’m opening up a mini discussion about it right here.  

Since I have the floor, I’ll start….I’m thinking Ebola is the least of our worries!  I’m thinking the illness doesn’t have legs in this country.  I’m thinking we don’t generally eat bush meat, we also don’t have the fruit bats here that are harboring the virus, and further, when people do get sick here, we generally expect them to receive some pretty sophisticated health care.  And don’t forget that there are other illnesses right here at home that we probably should be a little more concerned with.

I’m not worried about Ebola.  I’m not worried about  it becoming a pandemic like the Spanish flu. ( That killed 50 to 100 million people globally!)  I’m not even really worried about TB.  

You know what I’m worried about?

I’m worried about you people worrying about Ebola!  I’d like you to  relax.  Take a deep breath and enjoy your health.






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