Mr Cannibal and the Wolf

Alan Benyak was helping his ” friend”, Cody Knotts, who wanted to create art, well, maybe not art, but a movie that would attract a certain audience.  

Tom Wolf wanted someone to talk about the Peace Corps.  He figured he could use Alan Benyak.  

Cody Knotts got some attention for his film.

 Buzz Feed got some clicks.

 The Corbett campaign probably got a few laughs.

I’m not all that amused by any of this nonsense.

For those of you who aren’t glued to the news, Benyak was in a film about breeding women as if they were animals.  It’s not the  kind of movie I’m going to rent since it sounds kind of bizarre, Still,I guess it’s legal.  

Although, I’m thinking wouldn’t you think Mr. Benyak could have alerted the Wolf campaign about the whole situation since he’d just been in the 2013 film about torturing women?

Funny how some people forget things right before an election.

See you round,





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