Want to Hear about my Day Job?

I have had so many jobs.  The stories I could tell…but won’t. Let’s see, I can say that I have enjoyed almost all of my jobs, some jobs I loved for the excitement involved and other jobs I loved because of who I worked with, and some were wonderful because of the people I got to meet.  

It’s all good!

In my current position I’m working at a book store.  It’s a great gig for me.  I get to meet people, and sometimes I get to hear about their interests, or their lives and I also get to browse the stacks myself when I’m neatening the place up.  It’s a lot of fun.

One of the things I’m finding I enjoy the most is when someone approaches me and asks me a question about the kind of book they are looking for.  Like in the past week, I’ve had questions about military artillery, gardening, religious devotions, and children’s educational materials. I learn so much through listening to the people I’m working with.  It’s almost heaven.

The only negative, if there is any negative at all, is that the store is a bargain bookstore and as such it doesn’t have all the top sellers that you’d find in…well, you know.  Nonetheless, we have some fabulous works by some fine authors and publishers and I’d invite you to visit me if you are in the Morgantown area.  

If I’m not there when you visit, leave a message!





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