Ben Carson Says Domestic Abuse Victims May Stay With Their Abusers.

I’m not really comfortable with talking about domestic abuse.  Abuse is a pretty broad term isn’t it?  It can be physical or emotional.  

According to statistics, men are abused in domestic relationships, however most domestic abuse occurs against women.  If anyone wants me to find the statistics to back that claim, feel free to email me.  In the meantime, we’ll have this conversation about Dr. Carson with the assumption that we are talking about women staying in abusive relationships.  

We all know it’s going to happen.  The problem with what is going on when someone chooses to stay is that the abuse doesn’t stop.  People with anger issues who attack other people are very likely to do it again.  They will tend to blame their partner for their responses.  And unfortunately, partners often feel responsible for the attacks.  

I think we have to take the high road here.  Abuse is NOT OKAY.  When you have got to handle your emotions with your fists– YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!  It isn’t your partner’s problem.

Sure, sometimes it’s a mistake, and sometimes it’s a once in a lifetime accident,  and sometimes it’s never going to happen again.

But what if it does?

I don’t agree with Dr. Carson.  I don’t care why people abuse other people.  I don’t care if the abuse is part of an ongoing cycle for them. The cycle has to stop somewhere!  And it necessarily has to stop with the person who is taking their anger out on others.  The message we should send is that it isn’t okay to punch someone in the head!  NEVER. NEVER. NEVER.






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