Unschooled or Home Schooled? What is the Deal?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore about the ease with which you can find information that will support almost anything these days.  Let’s look at home schooling in particular, since that is what I titled this blog post about!  The other day I read something over at Salon about the home schooling movement and in that article, the author had some worries about children who were “home schooled” who weren’t able to read till they were eleven years old.  The author made a point of talking to some folks she had known who were schooled at home and the perception was that they weren’t achieving.  That worried me.

Today I read another article that literally spun me in a different direction.  In this article, Unschooled children excel in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and the creative arts.Whoa!  What a difference a day makes.  You can read it yourself right here, but in short, it seems to say that kids that have more time to study their own interests apparently learn how to find information, they are more interested in learning about subjects they find interesting and they don’t have a problem getting into colleges or universities.


I think the takeaway is that there are no blanket statements that cover education.  Humans are hard-wired to learn.  Children can learn in structured environments as well as they can learn in open environments.

I bet that hasn’t helped anyone who is wondering whether or not they should home school their children or send them to a traditional school.

I tried 🙂




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