Panevino in Reading

We went to a very nice restaurant the other night.  It is called Panevino in Reading and it’s on 2nd street right by the Goggleworks.

It’s an Italian restaurant and it’s not all that big.  The ceilings are painted black, there are gray stones on several of the walls and some Christmas trees with tiny white lights decorate the place.  I wouldn’t say it was the most sumptuous place, but then they didn’t make you pay a lot for a nice meal.

You know how all the franchise outlets that cater to families by selling two for 20 dollar menus?  Panevino is a little more expensive with a $19.95 menu per person, but you get to order a salad, or a soup, an entree and a dessert.  And we aren’t talking one standard salad.  You could go with a spinach salad, a spring salad, or a wedge salad.  Soups were pasta fagioli, asparagus tomato, or clam and crab soup.

My entree was Chicken Milanese, and it was delicious.  My daughter had noodles and meatballs, another had gnocchi, and my third daughter had a personal wild mushroom pizza.

For dessert we had several NY style cheesecakes, a wild berry compote with gelato, a chocolate bread pudding with bananas foster, and a tiramisu.

You could get wine and beer as well.

It was a wonderful meal, very fairly priced in a nice atmosphere.  Our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable and I really enjoyed the evening with my girls.

I probably would have enjoyed it no matter where we went, but it was really nice that the place turned out to be lovely.



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