This Blog Isn’t About Pottstown!

I started this blog years ago talking about what I saw and thought about while living in the Pottstown area.  I would sometimes talk about what was going on in town, and at other times I’d talk about what local kids were doing, or I’d talk about local businesses.  But it was always from my own point of view.  So rather than a travel guide to our town, it was my own personal scratch pad where I could and still can chat about what I see.

Just like you folks, I’m a citizen of my community and my community is connected to the larger world.  I guess I’m trying to explain why you’ll find posts about what I think of the world news.  My intention is not to tell anyone else what to think.  I’m just sharing what I think.

Generally, it’s my feeling that there are no simple facts.  There are no easy answers.  There are threads and all of these threads become part of our lives.  I hear about what is going on in the world, and I’m daunted by all the questions.  And honestly, I’m not just talking about political issues.  This blog is my place to talk about everything that occurs to me as a person.  *( I do try to keep it family friendly).

This blog isn’t about Pottstown.  It’s about me, and my views and they just happen to be the views of someone who lives in the Pottstown area.

Take care of one another!




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