My Condolences to Cpl. Dickinson’s Family and Friends

When a friend told me about the ambush of the officers in PA I was shocked.  How can someone be so evil?

Sadly, one of the officers died.  Here is some background on Officer Dickinson from PennLive:

Dunmore resident, Dickson was born in Minot, North Dakota. He and his wife, Tiffany, had celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on August 20. He was the father of two young sons: Bryon Keith Dickson III and Adam Robert Dickson.

Mourners pinned blue and black ribbons on their lapels, as much a show of camaraderie for police as that of the emblem for a fallen officer.

“The loyalty and brotherhood among police extends far beyond the badge,” said Joshua Grudzinski, a mourner from Pittston. “It is a family that runs very deep.”

Dickson was a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in 2007. He earned various awards from the Pennsylvania DUI Association and numerous state police commendations.  

In July of 2013, Dickson was promoted to corporal and assigned to Troop K, Philadelphia.  He was subsequently transferred to Troop R, Blooming Grove in June of 2014 where he served as a Patrol Unit Supervisor.


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