Find Frein!

8 days and he’s still on the lam.  Eric Matthew Frein is allegedly the shooter who took the life of Cpl. Bryon Dickinson last week.  According to what we now know Frein shot at the officers, tried to drive away, had his headlights off and thus he drove into a pond area and he was forced to leave his vehicle where a pedestrian walking a dog found the jeep.

Residents of the Canadensis area have been asked to shelter in place, and those who have left their homes, are being restricted from going back to their houses.

The shelter in place order has been lifted but Frein’s still on the loose.

I found a video from WENY  that featured the head of a correctional institute in NY who said that they had Frein in their jail for over 100 days because he had stolen some military memorabilia from folks he apparently hung out with while he was playing the role of a cold war soldier.  He tried to sell the goods and was nabbed.  That might have been the genesis of his hatred for police?

Canadensis is a very nice place!  It’s just awful to imagine a crazy guy running around those woods with a weapon.  Although, I guess it’s quite possible that there are already other folks doing that exact same thing in those hills.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think of war as something that is “fun”.  I wouldn’t want to play war, and I wouldn’t want to recreate wars.  I sort of dislike the whole idea of war.

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know I’m no fan of violence.  I’m not a fan of a police/nanny state, but I’m not the kind of person that thinks that violence is a legitimate option for ANYONE.

I hate that someone shot and killed a police officer.  All the evidence seems to point to this 31 year old…I hope they find him soon.


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