Eric Frein Imitating Eric Rudolph?

Let me start off by saying I think you have to be a pure half-wit to think it’s okay to kill another human being because you don’t like who they are, or what they do, or well, God knows what gets into the minds of fools who think cold blooded murder is a choice???

Despite all of that, we know Eric Frein seems to have taken it into his head that he needed to shoot some PA police officers.  We believe that he left his Jeep behind.  We have been told that he left personal identifying information in the Jeep. We have also been told that searchers thought they might have found him last Friday?  There was some gunfire, but to this day we still don’t have Frein in custody.  He’s missing.

That reminds folks of Eric Rudolph who was a killer and who then went into hiding in the Appalachians.  He hid for 5 years. He was captured by a “rookie officer” who saw him trying to scavenge food from a supermarket dumpster.  Apparently Rudolph kept in touch with his mother.  He told her about his exploits.  He stole things from local householders to keep himself fed and clothed.

If Frein is still alive…won’t he need to steal to sustain himself?

In an article I just read about him, I noticed that he seems to have left some soiled items and some cigarette trash behind.  He wasn’t a very big fella, I can’t imagine he’d keep his mohawk hair  cut.  That means he’s probably going to shave his head entirely…and if I were him, and I was trying to put off  a trail, I might pretend I was ill…I might lose my eyebrows.  Who stares at people who are going through chemo?

I hope they catch him.  I hate the thought of a mental sniper on the loose in the Poconos.

What do you think?



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