Eric Holder Leaving

It was a surprise to me to see that AG Holder is going to be leaving as soon as  the Obama administration finds a new person to fill his post.

The article I read said that he had talked about it with the President over the Labor Day weekend, and that today’s announcement was pre-planned, but I wonder, not that I don’t trust what I’m hearing in the news, but it reminds me of Obama’s “Semper Latte” salute.  He seemed kind of far away.  I wonder what today’s announcement means to him.

I also worry about the concerns of the folks who were looking to the Justice department to help with situations like the Brown case in Ferguson.  Holder seemed to be able to connect with the families and I would imagine it will be hard for them to see him leave as AG.

I wish him well, I think history will tell us whether he did a good job, or not.

I wonder who we’ll get next?



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