Everything Is Great, Why Am I Sad?

I  woke up sad.  I closed my eyes hoping to go back to sleep, but the damage was done, I was awake and the sadness was going to have to accompany me while I picked out my clothes for the day.  By the way, I chose to put on clothes I’ve already worn this week which is generally a “no no” in my book, but I didn’t care that much about what I was wearing.

As I stepped  into the shower I wondered what about my dream, or my day was making me feel so down?  Nothing came to me but snippets of experiences I’ve recently had with people who had experienced  loss in their lives.

I spoke to a friend who recently lost her folks and it was her job to go clean out a lifetime of memories.

I spoke to someone who made a lovely skirt out of t-shirts.  I  commented on it telling her I loved it, and when she said she made it I was naturally impressed and then she  explained why she made it….she lost her brother a year ago.

I spoke to a woman who wanted something to donate and I told her that I admired people who donated annually to special causes…and she told me it was in honor of her daughter who died a year ago.

Wow.  Loss hurts and there isn’t any practical way to deal with it is there?  We all have to pretty much figure it out on our own, and maybe that is what is making me sad today.

I’ve lost people, sometimes through death, sometimes through people just moving, or moving on.  I’ve lost people I’ve cared about because  I was stupid, or maybe it’s okay to admit that maybe they were stupid too.  But I understand loss and I care about folks who have the feeling that they are walking a little more slowly, with a little more care than they’d like.

I just want to let you know that there are people who want to let you talk, not for any sort of compensatory gain, or for their own purposes.  I want you to know that there are people who get what you are dealing with.  There are people like me, who wake up on a bright sunny day, one of the first days of a fresh bright autumn…who feel sadness.

Just think about it…and try to accept that there isn’t anything at all wrong with you, and what you are feeling.  Feelings are deep rooted.  Just let them happen, and if there is something you think you might be able to do to relieve them even a tiny bit then take courage and try.  For me, I thought that maybe typing a little about this might help.

What will help you?




Climate Change Rally Day!

Today is the day that marchers will take to the streets in NY to protest what they feel is a huge issue that will impact the globe.  Climate Change!

Here is some information from Al Jazeera about that march being held a little later today:

Celebrities, activists and political leaders are expected to join more than 100,000 people in New York City on Sunday for what organizers say will be the largest climate-change march in history.

The “People’s Climate March” has been endorsed by more than 1,400 organizations, including environment, faith and justice groups, as well as labor unions. Students have also mobilized marchers at more than 300 college campuses for the event, which calls on world leaders to do more to confront the threat of climate change and comes ahead of a United Nations climate summit.

“People from all walks of life, all over the world care deeply about climate change and are extremely worried and scared and so this march is showing the huge variety of people and the huge variety of reasons that people are invested in this issue,” march organizer Rachel Schragis told Al Jazeera.

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio are expected to participate in Sunday’s march — which will wind its way through Midtown Manhattan on a two-mile route starting at 11:30 a.m.

After a moment of silence at 1 p.m., participants will be encouraged to use instruments, alarms and whistles to make as much noise as possible, helped by marching bands and the tolling of church bells.

Around the world, more than 2,700 climate events in 158 countries are planned to coincide with the New York march, including rallies in New Delhi, Jakarta, London, Melbourne and Rio de Janeiro.


Find Frein!

8 days and he’s still on the lam.  Eric Matthew Frein is allegedly the shooter who took the life of Cpl. Bryon Dickinson last week.  According to what we now know Frein shot at the officers, tried to drive away, had his headlights off and thus he drove into a pond area and he was forced to leave his vehicle where a pedestrian walking a dog found the jeep.

Residents of the Canadensis area have been asked to shelter in place, and those who have left their homes, are being restricted from going back to their houses.

The shelter in place order has been lifted but Frein’s still on the loose.

I found a video from WENY  that featured the head of a correctional institute in NY who said that they had Frein in their jail for over 100 days because he had stolen some military memorabilia from folks he apparently hung out with while he was playing the role of a cold war soldier.  He tried to sell the goods and was nabbed.  That might have been the genesis of his hatred for police?

Canadensis is a very nice place!  It’s just awful to imagine a crazy guy running around those woods with a weapon.  Although, I guess it’s quite possible that there are already other folks doing that exact same thing in those hills.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think of war as something that is “fun”.  I wouldn’t want to play war, and I wouldn’t want to recreate wars.  I sort of dislike the whole idea of war.

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know I’m no fan of violence.  I’m not a fan of a police/nanny state, but I’m not the kind of person that thinks that violence is a legitimate option for ANYONE.

I hate that someone shot and killed a police officer.  All the evidence seems to point to this 31 year old…I hope they find him soon.



Auto Tags Are Now Identifiers?

The other day my significant other came home and told me that his tire blew out on the road the other day.  It wasn’t a huge disaster, it just surprised him and he had to pull over to the side of the road.  We have AAA and so he called them and waited till they sent someone out to replace the tire.

What was interesting about the situation was while waiting on the side of the highway, my husband told me that a state police cruiser pulled up behind him, the officer got out of the car and approached his vehicle. My husband rolled down the window and the officer asked him if he was Mr. _______.

What?  How’d he know that straight away?  He must have had something that tells him who is the owner of each car which is accessible instantly.

None of this surprises me, nor should it surprise any of you, but I did notice today that someone out in California tried to get this information erased because his impression was that unless he was a criminal, the police didn’t need to create a data log on him as a driver.  There was no reason to know that his car was shopping in certain stores, or going across state lines, etc.

A judge denied his claim.

Here is some more information on that case:

In a decision on Thursday, a California judge upheld that local law enforcement agencies can keep secret records from a vast network of license plate scanners in the greater Los Angeles area.

Accumulated through a system of cameras mounted on stop lights and police cruisers, the movements of millions of vehicles in the U.S. are tracked and the information stored for law enforcement purposes. The rapidly expanding system, funded primarily by Homeland Security grants, is now in use by seven in 10 local agencies, according to a study by the Police Executive Research Forum.

Michael Robertson, a tech entrepreneur known for founding the website MP3.com, filed a personal lawsuit to acquire his own records stored in the secret database. A San Diego judge has ruled that local agencies can deny his request under California’s open records law, however, because the information pertains to police investigations.

“If I’m not being investigated for a crime, there shouldn’t be a secret police file on me” that details “where I go, where I shop, where I visit,” Robertson told the Associated Press. “That’s crazy, Nazi police-type stuff.”

Now I don’t think police officers having access to driver information is “Nazi police-type stuff” but it  was intriguing to us because it seemed when the officer drove over and got out of his car, well, it happened in a flash.  The officer was driving by at regular speed, and stopped on a busy highway and within a minute was out of the car and asking to confirm the identity of my husband.  Which can only mean that as the officer drove past and saw that a car was disabled, he was able to check the plates and identify the owner within seconds.

I just think it’s amazing.  What do you think?




My Condolences to Cpl. Dickinson’s Family and Friends

When a friend told me about the ambush of the officers in PA I was shocked.  How can someone be so evil?

Sadly, one of the officers died.  Here is some background on Officer Dickinson from PennLive:

Dunmore resident, Dickson was born in Minot, North Dakota. He and his wife, Tiffany, had celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on August 20. He was the father of two young sons: Bryon Keith Dickson III and Adam Robert Dickson.

Mourners pinned blue and black ribbons on their lapels, as much a show of camaraderie for police as that of the emblem for a fallen officer.

“The loyalty and brotherhood among police extends far beyond the badge,” said Joshua Grudzinski, a mourner from Pittston. “It is a family that runs very deep.”

Dickson was a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in 2007. He earned various awards from the Pennsylvania DUI Association and numerous state police commendations.  

In July of 2013, Dickson was promoted to corporal and assigned to Troop K, Philadelphia.  He was subsequently transferred to Troop R, Blooming Grove in June of 2014 where he served as a Patrol Unit Supervisor.


Respiratory Virus EV-D68 Is In PA! Be Smart. Take Precautions!

If you’ve been hearing about the mysterious enterovirus that has been sending children to emergency rooms out in the middle of the country then you know that it was quite possible that we’d be dealing with the same virus locally sooner or later.

Well, it’s here!  According to experts there are three known cases in Philadelphia hospitals.  So that means that since most people will get the virus and feel lousy for a few days to a week but then improve, that  we can’t know the numbers who are infected by this virus in the PA area.  We just know three cases turned up needing help at local hospitals.

So I’m reprinting what the CDC says we need to do to get through this season of nasty colds that can turn kind of ugly in small children.

Most people with enteroviruses have no symptoms or only mild symptoms, and treatment with over-the-counter pain and fever-suppressing medicines should work well, the CDC said. Some infections, however, can be serious, causing respiratory problems, rashes with fever and even neurological illnesses such as encephalitis, or swelling of the brain, the department said.

Since EV-D68 is spread like the flu, the same precautions apply, the department said:

• Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, especially after changing diapers.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

• Cough into your sleeve or a tissue.
• Avoid kissing, hugging and sharing cups and eating utensils with people who are sick.

• Disinfect frequently touched surfaces, such as toys and doorknobs, especially if someone is sick.


Will Scotland Do It???

If you have been listening to the news you’ll know that today Scotland is making a pretty important decision about their future.  Currently they are part of the United Kingdom, or the UK.  But a vote is taking place right now that will decide whether citizens of Scotland are moving away from that partnership and are heading off on their own.

I’m no historian, but I’ve got a child’s eye view of what is going on and I’m willing to share because at least I’m thinking about it!  If you want to listen in, you are welcome to, and if you want to disagree with me, you are welcome to do that as well.

Let’s start–

There is written evidence of a group of people who were known as Picts who were in the area we now know as Scotland back in 297 CE.  There were also folks who called themselves Scots.  Imagine groups who were more bound to their families than to any nation.  Add a couple of other groups to this original bunch like the Vikings and the Normans and you’ll have a fair view of the types of people that made up early Scotland.

Let’s move forward in time to the 13th century.  One English king, King Edward the I decided he’d try to wrest control of those Scots…it didn’t work.  They were an uproarious community and they created the Declaration of Arbroath which promised that as long as there were 100 Scots left, they’d fight the English rule and NEVER SURRENDER.

That was until the Queen Elizabeth I died. She didn’t have any children and so the crown went to a King who was a Scot.  King James VI of Scotland who was also King James I of England.  Scots became part of England’s parliamentarian system, but they kept their own parliament as well.

There was an official union in 1707. No more Scottish parliament.

The National party of Scotland fought for their own independence in 1928.

1975 the National party wanted to separate slightly in a move called “devolution”.  They failed to win enough votes.

1997 the Scots voted for “devolution”.

1999 Full and separate Scottish parliament is once again restored.


If the Scots vote for a complete separation there is going to be a bit of a mess for a while.  Other countries might be energized by their success.  The economic picture might be murky for a bit.  But on the other hand, this has been a long time in coming.  If they national party doesn’t succeed we can bet that this won’t be their final push for independence.

Can you imagine struggling for over 300 years against England?

I guess we’ll find out what happens a little later today.




Panevino in Reading

We went to a very nice restaurant the other night.  It is called Panevino in Reading and it’s on 2nd street right by the Goggleworks.

It’s an Italian restaurant and it’s not all that big.  The ceilings are painted black, there are gray stones on several of the walls and some Christmas trees with tiny white lights decorate the place.  I wouldn’t say it was the most sumptuous place, but then they didn’t make you pay a lot for a nice meal.

You know how all the franchise outlets that cater to families by selling two for 20 dollar menus?  Panevino is a little more expensive with a $19.95 menu per person, but you get to order a salad, or a soup, an entree and a dessert.  And we aren’t talking one standard salad.  You could go with a spinach salad, a spring salad, or a wedge salad.  Soups were pasta fagioli, asparagus tomato, or clam and crab soup.

My entree was Chicken Milanese, and it was delicious.  My daughter had noodles and meatballs, another had gnocchi, and my third daughter had a personal wild mushroom pizza.

For dessert we had several NY style cheesecakes, a wild berry compote with gelato, a chocolate bread pudding with bananas foster, and a tiramisu.

You could get wine and beer as well.

It was a wonderful meal, very fairly priced in a nice atmosphere.  Our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable and I really enjoyed the evening with my girls.

I probably would have enjoyed it no matter where we went, but it was really nice that the place turned out to be lovely.



Day off, I Made Rice Pudding!

I don’t really like rice pudding.  So I bet you are wondering why I made it then? Well, my significant other does like it and so I made it for him.

Aren’t I sweet?

Talking about sweetness, I added a little more sugar than the recipe called for because I’ve made it before and I didn’t put in enough the last time.  Speaking of the recipe, it isn’t much of a recipe.  Wanna see?

3 Tablespoons of Rice

4 cups of whole milk

1/2 cup sugar


That is the recipe.  You toss the rice in a pan, add milk and then heat for 3 hours at about 325, even though I turned the heat up to 350 after an hour and a half.

Also, I didn’t use raisins because I didn’t have any, but I did have dried cranberries and I figured they’d work.  I was right.

It isn’t bad.




This Blog Isn’t About Pottstown!

I started this blog years ago talking about what I saw and thought about while living in the Pottstown area.  I would sometimes talk about what was going on in town, and at other times I’d talk about what local kids were doing, or I’d talk about local businesses.  But it was always from my own point of view.  So rather than a travel guide to our town, it was my own personal scratch pad where I could and still can chat about what I see.

Just like you folks, I’m a citizen of my community and my community is connected to the larger world.  I guess I’m trying to explain why you’ll find posts about what I think of the world news.  My intention is not to tell anyone else what to think.  I’m just sharing what I think.

Generally, it’s my feeling that there are no simple facts.  There are no easy answers.  There are threads and all of these threads become part of our lives.  I hear about what is going on in the world, and I’m daunted by all the questions.  And honestly, I’m not just talking about political issues.  This blog is my place to talk about everything that occurs to me as a person.  *( I do try to keep it family friendly).

This blog isn’t about Pottstown.  It’s about me, and my views and they just happen to be the views of someone who lives in the Pottstown area.

Take care of one another!