Althouse Arboretum

( I was slacking and I didn’t upload a request from the Friends of the Arboretum for folks to come out and help them beautify the place today from 1-3 so I’m sharing this about a meeting in January.  This is a good cause folks!  If you want to get involved locally think about this.)

Friends of the Arboretum

Monday, January 19th, 2015
6:30pm to 8:30pm
2019 Mimosa Lane, Pottstown (right off Snyder, less than a mile from the Arboretum)

Friends of the Arboretum is a new group and just getting started. This is where you actually make the Arboretum yours by brainstorming, planning and putting into action what happens in the Arboretum. Students are already busy planning and creating Zen gardens, a children’s forest and a low ropes course. What programs would you like to see at the Arboretum? What events could be held? What’s possible? Come share your ideas.

We are looking for community members to become part of the Althouse Arboretum. You can volunteer your time and talent, or if you would like, become part of a community to discuss, plan and work together to make our Arboretum a first-class outdoor destination for the community.

We’ll be meeting to discuss prospects, potentials and ideas.  Come join us! (RSVP to Ken or  Nancyappreciated but not necessary)

If you can’t attend the meeting, you can still email us your ideas! Your input is valuable!


Ken Hamilton, Executive Director, The SAVE Alliance Foundation
Nancy Baker, Friends of the Arboretum Coordinator


Another Crazy Story!

I’m not going to say much about the Jessica Padgett story, because some stories don’t deserve telling, but I will say that I am dreadfully sorry about losing that young lady.  I didn’t know her personally, I just saw her pretty face in the picture of her posing in her wedding gown with her young  family…and I read that she was home for lunch from her childcare position…and now she’s dead.

I hate stories where decent people are abused.

I know it isn’t much but I offer the deepest condolences to her  family and friends.  She appeared to be a lovely young woman and I’m sure she’s missed.

Ugh, enough with sad local stories!

Those of you who visit here?  You listen up…Take care of one another!  🙂  Be safe.




Who Sets a House on Fire for Spite???

I was so sorry to hear about the Morris family’s house!  I’ve never had to deal with losses due to fire, but I’ve certainly experienced loss due to flooding and while my personal possessions were decimated…I still had a home and a place to sleep and most of what my family really needed to get on with our lives.  It’s not quite the same thing at all for the family of Detective Ernie Morris because apparently some crazed neighbor decided to torch his home because her son was arrested.

That story sounds so nuts.  I mean, who does things like that???

I can’t imagine using a barbecue lighter to burn Christmas decorations.

I guess I’m blessed that I never would  have come up  with that horrible idea.  But I have to say it would have been nicer if nobody thought  of it!

I’m glad to hear that there are  good neighbors reaching out to the Morris family.  I just had to post this after reading that their children lost their artwork and a violin. The whole family lost a pet!  It’s just too sad.  Too wrong.

I hate it when I read the news and then find myself having to restrain my head from shaking no.  It’s just that you tend to imagine that certain things just aren’t done and then when you find that someone has slipped through the bounds of civility well, it’s just plain wrong.

There, I’ve had my fit.  I’ll have to get over not liking it and trust that justice will be meted out.

But who does that?




Elf on a Shelf

Today while at work one of the people who came in to browse asked if we carried the Elf on a Shelf.  I was so sorry to say that we didn’t.  I don’t exactly know how Christmas came to be associated with elves in bright red and green outfits, but who am I to fuss about elves?

As a matter of fact, I remember having an elf or two grace my childhood home in Philly.  We had one who was attached with a thumb tack to the ceiling at the foot of the stairs.  I think that his name was Jo-Jo.  He had a flat face and a tiny button nose and I liked to try to bat at him when I was small.  There were also a couple of elves that hid on a small festooned ornamental log on the coffee table.  I loved that decoration.  Well, I loved it then…I can’t imagine it offering me any fascination now…cause it was just an 8 inch long 3 inch wide log covered in fake snow with a couple of red plastic berries and some plastic pine needles.  Oh yeah, don’t forget it had elves hiding in it.

I also remember elves that sat on the mantel of our living room.  They draped themselves around candles.  The only problem was that their faces were plastic and their outfits were cloth and so they had to be removed from the area if the candles were lit.  Holiday candles wouldn’t be as magical if lackadaisical folks allowed them to set small plastic elves on fire.

My husband’s family had a tradition of attaching a small glittery gold elf to their dining room chandelier.  Don’t tell my mother-in-law, but now that I’m thinking about it, I remember her draping her ornate crystal bedazzled chandelier with plastic ivy and they have an annual retelling of the year my father-in-law put red and green bulbs in the fixture.  As I heard the story,  my mother-in-law wasn’t very pleased.

I thought I’d continue the tradition when my in-laws gave me the little golden elf.  But when I tucked it into it’s holiday place in my dining  room my kids fussed about it “looking down at them”. Apparently my kids were afraid of a  three inch elf!  I tried to understand, I wasn’t intending to upset  them, but now looking back I see we had a golden snitch in our house way before Harry Potter’s turned up.  I suppose it’s a good thing my kids never went after it with a broom.

So there you have it, these are some of my memories of “Christmas elves”.  If you have any you’ll have to share them with us.  Send me a picture if you have started your own family traditions with the “Elf on a Shelf”.