Who Sets a House on Fire for Spite???

I was so sorry to hear about the Morris family’s house!  I’ve never had to deal with losses due to fire, but I’ve certainly experienced loss due to flooding and while my personal possessions were decimated…I still had a home and a place to sleep and most of what my family really needed to get on with our lives.  It’s not quite the same thing at all for the family of Detective Ernie Morris because apparently some crazed neighbor decided to torch his home because her son was arrested.

That story sounds so nuts.  I mean, who does things like that???

I can’t imagine using a barbecue lighter to burn Christmas decorations.

I guess I’m blessed that I never would  have come up  with that horrible idea.  But I have to say it would have been nicer if nobody thought  of it!

I’m glad to hear that there are  good neighbors reaching out to the Morris family.  I just had to post this after reading that their children lost their artwork and a violin. The whole family lost a pet!  It’s just too sad.  Too wrong.

I hate it when I read the news and then find myself having to restrain my head from shaking no.  It’s just that you tend to imagine that certain things just aren’t done and then when you find that someone has slipped through the bounds of civility well, it’s just plain wrong.

There, I’ve had my fit.  I’ll have to get over not liking it and trust that justice will be meted out.

But who does that?



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