75% Off, Bargain Book Warehouse, Morgantown

I’m so sorry that my beautiful bookstore is closing down, but the good news for you, is that you can go and grab an awful lot of books for cheap.  Imagine spending close to a hundred bucks and walking out of there paying closer to 30 dollars!

Now I know most people get their media online these days.  Who has time to sit down and read anymore? But with prices like the ones you’ll find at Bargain Book Warehouse in the Morgantown Crossing Shopping Center on Rte 23?  You’d be crazy not to  stop by and pick some fabulous books up.

There are books there that you’d find in gift catalogs.  Cookbooks, Gardening, Painting, Crafts, Sports, Business, Health,  Reference, Manga, Graphic novels, Religion, Architecture, Graphics, Design, Space, Travel, Pets, Children’s books.

There are lots of books, and yes, they aren’t the books that you’d find in your local pharmacy or big box store, but there are hundreds if not thousands of quality books.

I can tell you I’ve personally seen folks come in and purchase thousands of dollars in books.  These folks are resellers?  If they are buying them, doesn’t that at least indicate that there might be some fabulous buys?

No one is going to make you purchase a thing.  Just go and look before the store closes up on February 8th.

You tell them Mo told you to visit. 🙂



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