Got a Local Event? Send it My Way!

I am always happy to post events for folks that are in the area, the only bad thing is that I’m not the best poster lately, so unfortunately some of you haven’t seen your news published here, well, I’m sorry, but I will tell you that if you send me material at: mogallant@gmail.com.  I will try to upload it here.

I’m not particular to who I post for.  I don’t think I have much in the way of rules, except that I do consider this a family friendly zone and therefore I’m not going to publish things that I wouldn’t feel comfortable having young folks see.  Does that sound fair?

I’m okay with grand openings, and event listings, but I’m not going to do a calendar, at least not at this point.

Mea culpa for the events I’ve snoozed on lately.



Oh, areas I consider pertinent to this blog….Pottstown, Pottsgroves, Oaks, Douglassvillle, Amity, Pine Forge, Oley, Reading, Fleetwood, Blandon, Morgantown, King of Prussia, Exton, (* and anyone within 25 miles of those areas).


Learn To Garden at Althouse Arboretum!

Tuesday Nights Backyard Gardening Series

A lecture series presented by Master Gardeners and other experts in their field at Althouse Arboretum in Upper Pottsgrove

Please preregister here

Native Plants for Every Garden

JUNE 9th        7:00 pm           Donation: $5
Learn how you can add beauty and reduce maintenance  while at the same time improving the ecosystem of your own backyard by using native plants in your landscape with Marc Randell, Master Gardener. You can preregister here

Certified Wildlife Habitats

JUNE 16th   7:00 pm           Donation: $5
Certified Wildlife Habitats are a program run by the National Wildlife Federation to provide recognition for any property that provides food, water, shelter, nesting spaces and sustainable gardening practices that support wildlife. Whether you have a small yard, a balcony or acres of land, this program will help you attract beautiful wildlife to your property and reduce storm water in the process.  You can preregisterhere
~ Rachel Rosenfeld, Master Gardener

 Garden Tips & Tricks, a Show & Tell

JUNE 23rd   7:00 pm          Donation: $5

Find fresh ideas to use in  your garden this summer. Learn about items in your home or yard that can be re-purposed or recycled in  ways you may not have thought of. Get the down and dirty with Kathy Klein, Master Gardener  You can preregister here

 Garden in Place and Bring Nature Home

JUNE 30th   7:00 pm          Donation: $5
To garden in place and bring nature home not only beautifies your environment, feeds birds and wildlife and makes maintenance easier, but it also shows a personal commitment to preserving our natural world.
Preserving our natural world in this way supports life not only in your backyard but on the planet as well. Putting this concept into practice may be easier than you think, with greater rewards than you imagine. Learn more with Leslie Bass, Master Grardener.  You can preregisterhere


Nancy Baker
Community Development


Visit the Althouse Arboretum!

Summer is almost here!

Have you signed your child up for summer camp yet? This is where they have fun, learn new things and gain a new appreciation for nature and the great outdoors. Exciting activities have been planned! Don’t let your children spend the summer indoors! Give them the opportunity to fall in love with nature, and explore their world.It’s time to sign up and reserve your space now!
Click on the picture for more info and registration.
Children grades K through 4th. Summer camps are open to ALL children throughout the region. 8am arrival available. Registration will remain open until the day before camp begins

June 22-26, 9am to 12pmNature Explorers
Learn about nature my exploring it! Campers become detectives looking for clues to reveal each day’s wildlife mystery and wonder.

July 13-17, 9am to 12pmWildlife Week
Looking closely you can find wildlife everywhere in our nature center! Campers will see, collect and identify familiar and quite strange creatures in our woods, fields and ponds.
Please spread the word and invite others to join you in the fun!

Don’t forget to check the website for more programs and events!

Crossword Puzzles and Me

Have you done any crossword puzzles lately?  I did them back when I was a kid, but I was never taken with them.  I think part of my problem was I used to do them with whatever writing instrument I had lying about.  Pen, crayon, pencils?  Then one day a friend saw me working on one and  he chided me for not using pencil.  I said something like…”Who cares what I use?”  And he promptly replied that all real crossword enthusiasts use pencil.

Oh, La-di-da!

That was probably the last time I did a crossword on purpose, I mean there were always those puzzles on the backs of cereal boxes, or in the local news, but they weren’t all that hard.

The other day I opened a book of crossword puzzles and I got out a nice sharp pencil and I started filling in the boxes.  Forty-five minutes later I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had actually had a lot of fun guessing at words.  Who’d have guessed it would take me over 30 years to realize that I enjoy crosswords???

Oh well, the reason I’m talking about it is because last night my whole family sat around guessing at answers to a puzzle.  I used to think crosswords were for private use.  I saw them like solitaire with words.  But I was so wrong.  It was hysterical hearing the words that my family members thought fit the clues.  It was also revealing to know how large our vocabularies are especially because we tend to use such limited language when we talk with one another most of the time.

We generally don’t talk about what kind of meat you make osso buco with?  Or what is the drama that introduced the word “robot” to the world?

If you know, you’d be very good at crossword puzzles!  Only, here is a tip, use a pencil!





Every year I try to decorate the front of my house with pretty flowers.  But it’s so darned expensive to buy flats of flowers.  I always think I’m getting more than enough and when I get home and set them out for planting, I find that they disappear in my window boxes.  In the past I’ve used a lot of magical thinking pretending that with a lot of love and water they’d blossom and fill my boxes to overflowing, but the truth is that I want instant magic.  I’m not much of a gardener.  I like color and I like it to “POP”.

So this year, I went to Glick’s Greenhouse in Oley?  You get there by following 662 over past Amity and where the road separates, you stay straight.  Anyhow, when I wandered around in their greenhouses I was struck with the beauty of the geraniums.  They had white, and burgundy, and pink and coral and they also had bright red!  I decided to go with geraniums this year.  I bought 8?  I also picked up a beautiful hanging basket and a planter with them and guess what?  They have added such a nice glow to my house that I’m thinking I’m never going to plant without them!

Plus, I can look forward to them being lovely all summer and when winter comes I’ll try to move them indoors.  Remember that bit about me not being a great gardener? We’ll have to see if I can overwinter geraniums huh?

Well, happy gardening  folks!

If you’ve planted something you just love, please do us all a favor and share it.




Hey, Still Here? Thanks for Keeping Me in Mind

Hello friends, and visitors. I’m posting again, just because no matter how long I ignore this lovely little blog, it sort of has a life of it’s own and Lord knows that I hate to just slough it off entirely.  We have history and well, It means a lot to me.  We are old buds!

Yes, it’s true that I haven’t posted of late and that is because there have been a lot of changes in my “life” situation.  I’m still the same me though. So I thought I should pop back in and mention that my youngest person is graduating. Amazing huh?  I’m thrilled and excited because, well, wow, it  finally means that all of my kids are almost fully set sail on their young adult ventures.  That is pretty cool.  Who’d have imagined I’d be here?

Strange isn’t it?  I mean, every single parent with kids gets to this point, but it is so removed from the every day hustle and bustle of raising a family– you never stop to think about what it is going to mean when they are all, well, gone!

I suppose I’ll be going through that empty nest mourning soon, I know it’s coming because I genuinely adore my kids.  I can imagine that there will be a horrible silence when I wander around looking for them.  I get it.  Still, I can’t actually feel it.  I guess we’ll have to just wait and see what it’s like. I’m not too happy about that I can assure you.  But why worry about the future when now is so lovely?!

I mean, right now my glory is my youngest graduating.  She’s so thrilled with everything she’s accomplished, and I’m so pleased with her success and I’m excited about her future plans.

Whoo!  Enough of me going on about my sweet kid.  How are you doing? I sure hope you are all fit and healthy and  happy.

I’m glad we can visit here.