Crossword Puzzles and Me

Have you done any crossword puzzles lately?  I did them back when I was a kid, but I was never taken with them.  I think part of my problem was I used to do them with whatever writing instrument I had lying about.  Pen, crayon, pencils?  Then one day a friend saw me working on one and  he chided me for not using pencil.  I said something like…”Who cares what I use?”  And he promptly replied that all real crossword enthusiasts use pencil.

Oh, La-di-da!

That was probably the last time I did a crossword on purpose, I mean there were always those puzzles on the backs of cereal boxes, or in the local news, but they weren’t all that hard.

The other day I opened a book of crossword puzzles and I got out a nice sharp pencil and I started filling in the boxes.  Forty-five minutes later I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had actually had a lot of fun guessing at words.  Who’d have guessed it would take me over 30 years to realize that I enjoy crosswords???

Oh well, the reason I’m talking about it is because last night my whole family sat around guessing at answers to a puzzle.  I used to think crosswords were for private use.  I saw them like solitaire with words.  But I was so wrong.  It was hysterical hearing the words that my family members thought fit the clues.  It was also revealing to know how large our vocabularies are especially because we tend to use such limited language when we talk with one another most of the time.

We generally don’t talk about what kind of meat you make osso buco with?  Or what is the drama that introduced the word “robot” to the world?

If you know, you’d be very good at crossword puzzles!  Only, here is a tip, use a pencil!



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