Every year I try to decorate the front of my house with pretty flowers.  But it’s so darned expensive to buy flats of flowers.  I always think I’m getting more than enough and when I get home and set them out for planting, I find that they disappear in my window boxes.  In the past I’ve used a lot of magical thinking pretending that with a lot of love and water they’d blossom and fill my boxes to overflowing, but the truth is that I want instant magic.  I’m not much of a gardener.  I like color and I like it to “POP”.

So this year, I went to Glick’s Greenhouse in Oley?  You get there by following 662 over past Amity and where the road separates, you stay straight.  Anyhow, when I wandered around in their greenhouses I was struck with the beauty of the geraniums.  They had white, and burgundy, and pink and coral and they also had bright red!  I decided to go with geraniums this year.  I bought 8?  I also picked up a beautiful hanging basket and a planter with them and guess what?  They have added such a nice glow to my house that I’m thinking I’m never going to plant without them!

Plus, I can look forward to them being lovely all summer and when winter comes I’ll try to move them indoors.  Remember that bit about me not being a great gardener? We’ll have to see if I can overwinter geraniums huh?

Well, happy gardening  folks!

If you’ve planted something you just love, please do us all a favor and share it.



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