Hey, Still Here? Thanks for Keeping Me in Mind

Hello friends, and visitors. I’m posting again, just because no matter how long I ignore this lovely little blog, it sort of has a life of it’s own and Lord knows that I hate to just slough it off entirely.  We have history and well, It means a lot to me.  We are old buds!

Yes, it’s true that I haven’t posted of late and that is because there have been a lot of changes in my “life” situation.  I’m still the same me though. So I thought I should pop back in and mention that my youngest person is graduating. Amazing huh?  I’m thrilled and excited because, well, wow, it  finally means that all of my kids are almost fully set sail on their young adult ventures.  That is pretty cool.  Who’d have imagined I’d be here?

Strange isn’t it?  I mean, every single parent with kids gets to this point, but it is so removed from the every day hustle and bustle of raising a family– you never stop to think about what it is going to mean when they are all, well, gone!

I suppose I’ll be going through that empty nest mourning soon, I know it’s coming because I genuinely adore my kids.  I can imagine that there will be a horrible silence when I wander around looking for them.  I get it.  Still, I can’t actually feel it.  I guess we’ll have to just wait and see what it’s like. I’m not too happy about that I can assure you.  But why worry about the future when now is so lovely?!

I mean, right now my glory is my youngest graduating.  She’s so thrilled with everything she’s accomplished, and I’m so pleased with her success and I’m excited about her future plans.

Whoo!  Enough of me going on about my sweet kid.  How are you doing? I sure hope you are all fit and healthy and  happy.

I’m glad we can visit here.



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