Food I hate…

You know how most blogs talk about delicious food?  I could do that, but it’s funny, for me most food is delicious, but there are some foods I absolutely dislike.  No, there are some foods I hate!

For example, the other day I  was out shopping and I thought I’d pick up some avocado’s at Landis, the new market over in Sanatoga.  So there was a sale of 2 of the Haas avocados for 3 dollars.  I grabbed two of the gnarled looking greeny brown ovals and when I got home I added some coconut milk, some honey and I blended it into a nice smooth paste.  I poured it into a bowl and tucked plastic wrap down on it and popped it into the freezer.

It only took an hour or so till it was firm.  I grabbed a spoon and dug in.  I swear that was the most unpleasant mouthful of green stuff I had ever eaten.  It tasted like ice cream with dirt in it.  And not just any dirt, it was like the loamy worm filled dirt that you add to gardens each spring in order to get your peppers and tomatoes to grow.

Bleccch.  Next I might try pepper ice with almond milk and a pinch of Doritos dust.  Then I’ll throw that out immediately.

Maybe I’m not meant to create icy new  taste sensations?!

2 thoughts on “Food I hate…”

  1. hhhmmmm. I happen to LOVE avocados, but never had them in anything approaching your concoction! But kudos to you for trying something ….um, “different”! Deb

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