A New Skillet

You’d think that after all the years I’ve spent cooking on my electric skillet, that I’d have known it was a skillet, but no!  I always called it an electric grill.  Now of course that is wrong, because what I was using was about 11 inches wide, and 14 inches long and about 3 inches deep.  A skillet!

A rose by any other name…right?  Well, it was right until my husband and I started getting worried about ingesting Teflon.  It’s true, my old grill/griddle/skillet had seen better days.  It was beginning to show it’s very shiny silver finish where there had once been a flat black color.  I decided I needed a new grill.  Only when we went out shopping all I found when I looked for my grill was flat griddles. A griddle has no sides, it might have a drip  edge, but if you pour anything on it’s surface and it’s more liquid than solid, well, it isn’t staying on the surface.  I didn’t want a flat griddle because my darling husband likes making eggs on it, and you can just imagine how those eggs on a griddle wind up on my counter, and then when we aren’t fast with the paper towel, there are eggs are on the floor!

I wanted something that would keep whatever I cooked inside the cookware.  I wanted it to be electric, and I wanted NO Teflon.

We found it!  I got a very nice, relatively inexpensive ceramic skillet.  It heats evenly.  It’s incredibly light, and it doesn’t shed cancer causing coatings.

Now I don’t imagine anyone else uses old Teflon cookware as long as I do, and I’m absolutely embarrassed that I held onto mine past it’s obvious retirement age…but just in case you are looking for a new “electric grill”.  Choose the inexpensive ceramic skillet.  It is so easy to clean that all it takes is a swish with a cloth and that is it!

Thanks for letting me share  this.



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