It’s official, and it has been for days.  Donald J. Trump is the President Elect!

I wasn’t quite as shocked as other people were at this situation.  I had a sort of sick feeling in the pit of my stomach throughout this election.  And it wasn’t because I hated Donald.  I’m not fond of his style of decision making.  I don’t like that he isn’t a people person.  I found him abrasive and it was my view that the promises he made throughout the run up to the election were impossible to keep.

I still feel that way.

And yet, a lot of people in this country felt that it was time to listen to the conspiracy pushers and fight for an America that they thought was better some time ago.  When you look at the actual history?  That memory of a lovely time?  It’s all just nostalgia.  There were hard times in the past.  We’ve been on a forward trajectory. Going back?  That is a bad idea in my book, but this isn’t all about me and my concerns.  It’s about the  majority of voters choosing what they think is best for their future.

I hope they made a responsible choice.

I wasn’t in love with Hillary Clinton, and I have never been in love with partisan politics even though my views tend to run true Democrat.  I was sad to see the authoritarian choice people made.  I was sad to learn that there are a lot of people who already feel marginalized that now feel that their lives are endangered.  That is part of what makes me feel sick.

I’m white, healthy, old with a fairly steady income going towards retirement.  I’m on the secure side of things.  This new political wind isn’t going to hurt me, and if it does hurt me, it’s going  to hurt people like me who probably have the time and money to make sure their voices are heard.  I’m not sure how to feel about that.  I’m not an undocumented alien, I’m not disabled, I don’t have any long term illnesses, I don’t have citizenship in another country, I’m comfortable with the gender that was decided according to my genitalia at my birth.  I’m a hetero-sexual woman with a strong family.

I was never fighting for me!  It’s my thing to fight for the people who don’t have the same rights as I do.  I imagine I’ll continue doing that.  So, if you aren’t comfortable with seeing my views, the views of someone who isn’t enthralled with the status quo.  Then I suggest you find some other blog.

If you are willing to accept that everyone is unique and special, and that might isn’t right!  Keep reading 🙂