Mercedes Benz Metris

Our car needed to go into the shop and so my husband needed a car to get around in because he is a salesman and he’s in his vehicle a lot.  The nice folks at Kulp’s gave him some choices– they offered him a minivan and we thought they also offered a Mercedes.  I wanted the Mercedes!  He decided on a car similar to his usual work vehicle and that was a minivan!

Turns out we both got our wishes.  He’s now driving a new Mercedes Benz Metris. Which is a very tall fancy minivan.

I haven’t  been in it yet so I’m not sure about how it drives, but I did think it was funny when he asked me what one of the icons on the dashboard meant.  Now I’m not all that technologically savvy, so his question  was one of those general sort of thinking aloud questions and not one intentionally directed towards me, but I am the kind of person that loves thinking “hmmmm, that’s weird” and then I check things out.

When he asked me about a coffee cup image that shows up on his dashboard I wondered why there would be one?  Why would MB create an icon with a steaming cup of something that shows up on the dash?

The answer is the folks at Mercedes Benz have a system designed to alert drivers that they might be tired.  If the driver is doing lots of corrections on the steering system then the car imagines that is because the driver is exhausted.  It measures how long the car has been on the road and compares that to the type of road that the vehicle is travelling on and whether there are any other reasons the driver might not have used other controls on the dash and if it puts together a picture of a tired driver, it signals with the steaming cup to suggest the driver pulls over and takes a break.

Now I’m guessing that our poor rental is completely confused about it’s driver!  Only because it doesn’t have a driver!!!   But it is a cool system nonetheless isn’t it?

Soon my husband will get his old car back.  I’m thinking I’m going to have to make a sachet with coffee grounds in it!  That way when his brain has an urge for coffee he’ll have to pull over!

Be safe out on the roads!  Things are a little more slippery than usual.



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