Morning!  Today I want to share a very nice online book by Barbara Sher called Wishcraft.  Here is the link http://wishcraft.com/

I’ve just started reading it and it excites that small voice inside of me that wants me to recognize that there is more to me than the clothes I wear, and the face I put on, or the things I do each day.  There is something deeper, that if I think about it for any length of time creates a yearning. I refuse to believe that it’s just me that has these feelings so I’m on a hunt to find ways to draw out me!   I’m sharing here because I thought it might be nice to keep it handy for myself as well as share it with anyone else who is looking for ideas to help them develop, or bring their “dream life” into reality.

If it helps you then thank Barbara!

If it doesn’t, let’s talk about it.  How do you inspire and invest in yourself?  Do you set times to do it?  Do you have any resources you use to help you find what stimulates you?  Are there habits that you practice that help spark your ideas, or your creativity?

Talk to you soon!










I Can Sing!

The other day I tried to sing.  It wasn’t great.  I used to sing as a younger person.  My voice was relatively strong.  I liked it, but I never did it seriously.  I sometimes sang in the Church choir, but that was me and several mature women who sang from memory, one whistled the tunes.  No one was going to harangue me for trying to sing from the hymnal.

Anyhow, I actually tried to sing with lessons.  I learned that I had to focus on my larynx, or that part of your throat where the voice is located.  There are muscles there!  And you can feel them opening and widening, or closing and tightening.  I learned about singing into my “mask” that is another word for my face!  Who thinks you have to use your face to sing?  When you use your face, your voice has a new timbre.  It rumbles through your cheeks and your nose.

What I learned was I could, through practice strengthen my voice as I moved up and down the scale.  I sounded sort of like one of those old “ayoooga” horns moving through the notes, but afterward, my highs were stronger and higher and my lows were deeper and stronger.

That is what practice does for a voice.  Who knows if I’ll take my act on the road 🙂

Probably not, but it would be nice to sing Adele in the shower without feeling like my throat is an old rusted steel door.





Have You Ever Hiked?

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately? But I’ve been loving myself some videos of folks hiking through woods, or wild camping, or through hiking the Appalachian trail.  It just feels so free and it seems like something I want to do.

The bad news is I find myself out of breath walking in my yard.  It’s not a big yard, but still, it’s a little hilly.  Okay, it’s not hilly, it’s more like lumpy.  I think they are voles.

So for someone who can barely climb a vole hill, why am I into camping?  I’ve even imagined loading the back of my car with pillows a cooler and netting and heading for a nearby Walmart.   We have several to choose from, the only problem is why in the world would I want to sleep in a Walmart when I have a perfectly serviceable if not comfortable bed in a house with windows that have screens in them, a working sink and lots of food in the frig.

Yeah, don’t expect me to make sense of it.  The only thing I can come up with is I’m itching to just get away from things.  Things aren’t awful, but imagine sitting in a forest, hearing a burbling  brook, seeing stars and feeling the  breeze.  Getting eaten by a big bear!

Maybe I need to think this over a bit.  But I still will be checking out great videos on younguns who are living in cars, or walking from Maine to Georgia, or just camping in a Walmart.  Or Target?  Or local casinos.

Happy Spring!  And if anyone wants to go camping, and you are sane, let’s chat 🙂




I’m Still Here!

Blah!  How do I explain why I’ve fallen off the blogging planet?

Well, to be blunt, it’s a lot of work talking to yourself for the most part and even though I know I have wonderful visitors, it just gets a little dull sometimes.  Plus this is an effort of love,  no money changes hands with anyone, it’s a free will effort.  Sometimes I guess I get angsty about giving away my time…not that I spend it doing anything else that is particularly necessary or needful, but still, one does get fussy sometimes doesn’t one?

Honestly, I think the real reason I fell away from writing daily is because my lil chickadees have all flown the coop.  For a bit that was quite a torment for me, truthfully?  It still hurts. I swear I didn’t think about the long emptiness that would swallow me when I don’t have to drive anyone around, or make it to practices, or buy clothes at the mall.  They picked up their things, loaded their cars, or friends cars and off they went.

For a time, things were sort of nice between my significant other and myself.  It was nice to have things just be the two of us, but then we settled down into habits, as people often do, and now this is a new problem…finding we’ve got our own lives and they don’t connect but for a bit of time on the weekends.  Of course it was always that way in the past, but you didn’t notice it as much because there was so much going on otherwise.  I’m finding things got better, but it’s still hard.  If you are about to see your own children off in the world, invest in some real activities you and your spouse can enjoy together.

The other thing that is causing some ruckus in our lives is our parents are aging.  Boy, no one told me what a mess that was going to cause.  You know how sometimes even though I’m sure no one meant it, one child in a family gets a lot of attention from the parents?  I wouldn’t go so far as to call the child a “favorite” but I think you know what I mean.  Every conversation winds back to them.  Everything you do is coincidentally a lot like what they do.  Their plans are like yours, but even more interesting.  Well, don’t tell anyone but we had a situation like that and I didn’t care, I just recognized it. Big deal.  It made life easier in a lot of ways.  Unfortunately, that adult child has now received some terrible treatment from said parents.  Who knew?  I think the trouble arose when those adult children wanted to “help” their parents.  Whoo boy, that help wasn’t seen as true help and that began a minor battle that flares up now and again.  So now, the second tier gets lots of game action!  Whoopee!

Oh, if only life were simple eh?

Everything will work out,… or not!

I hope you are all doing well.  I hope you don’t have any problems with missing people, or regaining people that are wonderful but challenging.  But if you do? You can always talk to old  Mo here.


me 🙂