Have You Ever Hiked?

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately? But I’ve been loving myself some videos of folks hiking through woods, or wild camping, or through hiking the Appalachian trail.  It just feels so free and it seems like something I want to do.

The bad news is I find myself out of breath walking in my yard.  It’s not a big yard, but still, it’s a little hilly.  Okay, it’s not hilly, it’s more like lumpy.  I think they are voles.

So for someone who can barely climb a vole hill, why am I into camping?  I’ve even imagined loading the back of my car with pillows a cooler and netting and heading for a nearby Walmart.   We have several to choose from, the only problem is why in the world would I want to sleep in a Walmart when I have a perfectly serviceable if not comfortable bed in a house with windows that have screens in them, a working sink and lots of food in the frig.

Yeah, don’t expect me to make sense of it.  The only thing I can come up with is I’m itching to just get away from things.  Things aren’t awful, but imagine sitting in a forest, hearing a burbling  brook, seeing stars and feeling the  breeze.  Getting eaten by a big bear!

Maybe I need to think this over a bit.  But I still will be checking out great videos on younguns who are living in cars, or walking from Maine to Georgia, or just camping in a Walmart.  Or Target?  Or local casinos.

Happy Spring!  And if anyone wants to go camping, and you are sane, let’s chat 🙂



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