I Can Sing!

The other day I tried to sing.  It wasn’t great.  I used to sing as a younger person.  My voice was relatively strong.  I liked it, but I never did it seriously.  I sometimes sang in the Church choir, but that was me and several mature women who sang from memory, one whistled the tunes.  No one was going to harangue me for trying to sing from the hymnal.

Anyhow, I actually tried to sing with lessons.  I learned that I had to focus on my larynx, or that part of your throat where the voice is located.  There are muscles there!  And you can feel them opening and widening, or closing and tightening.  I learned about singing into my “mask” that is another word for my face!  Who thinks you have to use your face to sing?  When you use your face, your voice has a new timbre.  It rumbles through your cheeks and your nose.

What I learned was I could, through practice strengthen my voice as I moved up and down the scale.  I sounded sort of like one of those old “ayoooga” horns moving through the notes, but afterward, my highs were stronger and higher and my lows were deeper and stronger.

That is what practice does for a voice.  Who knows if I’ll take my act on the road 🙂

Probably not, but it would be nice to sing Adele in the shower without feeling like my throat is an old rusted steel door.




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