Morning!  Today I want to share a very nice online book by Barbara Sher called Wishcraft.  Here is the link http://wishcraft.com/

I’ve just started reading it and it excites that small voice inside of me that wants me to recognize that there is more to me than the clothes I wear, and the face I put on, or the things I do each day.  There is something deeper, that if I think about it for any length of time creates a yearning. I refuse to believe that it’s just me that has these feelings so I’m on a hunt to find ways to draw out me!   I’m sharing here because I thought it might be nice to keep it handy for myself as well as share it with anyone else who is looking for ideas to help them develop, or bring their “dream life” into reality.

If it helps you then thank Barbara!

If it doesn’t, let’s talk about it.  How do you inspire and invest in yourself?  Do you set times to do it?  Do you have any resources you use to help you find what stimulates you?  Are there habits that you practice that help spark your ideas, or your creativity?

Talk to you soon!









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