Ready for a Rainy Week?

After 90 degree weather a week or so ago, this cloudy cool weather seems odd, but we are in for a number of overcast or rainy days so be prepared.

I like the rain. I remember watching rainy car windows as a child. I’d imagine two drops were in a race and I’d watch them as they ran down the glass. It was strangely fascinating looking at the world through those small glasslike beads. It was as if colors bloomed inside of them with no connection to the object that stimulated the orbs to glow with the red of an umbrella, or the green of a streetlight.

These days though, when I’m the one having to drive, those rainy windshields aren’t quite as pleasant. Nonetheless, we’ve got rain approaching and there isn’t a thing we can do about it…except for outfit ourselves with umbrellas and boots and rain slickers.

Well? Go on! 🙂

I’ll be here when you get back.