About Mo Gallant


My name is Maureen.  I live near Pottstown and I work in Pottstown.  I’ve loved Pottstown for years and I’m interested in sharing my point of view and some information on things that are happening in and around my town.  I’m also going to include some stories about my own life and I’ll talk about some of the activities I’m involved in.

I am glad you stopped by.  Feel free to say hi!

You can reach me at mogallant@gmail.com



9 thoughts on “About Mo Gallant”

    1. Hi Roy, I appreciate your stopping by. I really like what you are doing over at your site! Let’s catch a Rita’s soon!

  1. Hi, Mo! It’s been a long time. It took me awhile to clue in that you were back and even longer to get a link up on my blog, but it’s there now. Great to read you again! Sue

    1. Hey Sue!
      I’m glad to see your name. Thanks for linking to me, I really should do that here and I’ll work on it!
      Talk to you soon,

  2. Hi mareen, trying to get the address to the free 4th of july concert in pottstown, featuring the roots, and earth,wind,&fire, would you happen to know the address of where the concert is going to be and what time it will start.

    1. hey kevin,

      Earth Wind and Fire plus Sarah Bareille and Jazzy Jeff and the Roots are going to be in Philly at their fireworks fest. If you feel like driving down to where boathouse row is, or to the parkway you’ll find that the concert starts at about 8:30 pm.

      Sorry to make you think that those folks were here in Pottstown! That would be cool though!


    444 King St.owned by Andrew Soul (deliquent Landlord) who rents this for $1050.00 which Section 8 (tax payers dollars) pays for. Has rodent infestation and is filthy. Codes violation: paint is falling off trim – lead based? Trash left on street by former tenants.
    Contact-oevolve@homtail.com for further information. SEE YOU ALL THERE!

  4. Hi Mo. I’m wondering if you’d like to add your blog to Pottstown Patch. We are seeking bloggers, and would love to work in this one! In short, you can create a quick post that directs traffic back to your own site if you wish (a line or two about your post with a link to this site).
    I’ll paste below how to do a blog on our site. You can call me if you need any help setting it up (melissa.treacy@patch.com). Here are the directions:

    In order to blog, you can follow these simple instructions below. You can also feel free to call or email me anytime. If you let me know when your post(s) are up by sharing the link, I can also then blast them through our social media, as well as major feature the post on our homepage and surrounding Patch sites.

    Please let me know if you can add this awesome news to our current local blogs in Local Voices. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

    Starting a blog on Pottstown Patch:

    To create a blog, all you need to do is:

    1. Go to Pottstown Patch and create a user account by clicking here. (If you’re already a Patch user, you can skip this step and go right to step number 2.
    2. Sign in to your account on Pottstown Patch and scroll to on the homepage, below the major featured (top 4) stories. On the left you will see a button “Start a Blog.” Click there. Click “Post on Patch” in the next window to begin.
    3. Create your new blog.

    4. Make sure to add any photos or flyers where it says “Upload Photos and Videos.”

    5. Once you click “Post My Blog” at the bottom, you will come to the page that features your blog. Just send me the URL and I will feature it.

    In addition to a blog, you are welcome to post events here or announcements as well. Again you have so much to share, I’d encourage you to create an account and post right away! I’m happy to share those posts (just send me the URLs when posted) on neighboring sites and our social media/newsletter outlets!

    Let me know if you have any questions about the process, and thank you again!

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