Hard Boiled Eggs!

Isn’t it silly to write about boiling eggs?  What is important enough about boiled eggs that makes it worth a blog post?

Well, as I often use this blog as a method of communicating with myself, I’m using it now to remind myself how beneficial it is to buy an extra dozen eggs when I’m shopping and when I get home, or soon thereafter, I boil a dozen of them.

They will last a week, I can put them into sauces, stews, on top of salads, or just eat them as a quick protein fix for breakfast, or in an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

It’s a pleasure to reach into the fridge and have something that is so easy to grab and go.  Especially when I’m feeling rushed and who isn’t rushed around the holidays?

So there you have it!  Next time you are out shopping, do yourself a favor and grab an extra dozen of eggs, boil them and enjoy.  There aren’t many cheaper ways of getting all that energy!

Oh, you might be one of those people uncomfortable with boiling eggs, you might feel anxious about needing to get the perfect egg!  I don’t care about that!!!!!  I put my chilled eggs in cold water and I put that water on a gentle heat on the stove and I wait till it boils and then I let them sit in that boiled water for about 10 minutes or so.  If I put cold eggs in a hot boiling pot I get cracked eggs, if I worry about an exact time, I’m usually wrong.  I just let them sit and sure, sometimes my imperfect eggs have a dark green line around the  yolk, that is what you are avoiding by boiling them to perfection…but I don’t care!  I’m going to eat them and I haven’t  seen any studies that suggest overboiling or slightly under-boiling changes the energy they contain.  ( There really are studies about this stuff).





It’s official, and it has been for days.  Donald J. Trump is the President Elect!

I wasn’t quite as shocked as other people were at this situation.  I had a sort of sick feeling in the pit of my stomach throughout this election.  And it wasn’t because I hated Donald.  I’m not fond of his style of decision making.  I don’t like that he isn’t a people person.  I found him abrasive and it was my view that the promises he made throughout the run up to the election were impossible to keep.

I still feel that way.

And yet, a lot of people in this country felt that it was time to listen to the conspiracy pushers and fight for an America that they thought was better some time ago.  When you look at the actual history?  That memory of a lovely time?  It’s all just nostalgia.  There were hard times in the past.  We’ve been on a forward trajectory. Going back?  That is a bad idea in my book, but this isn’t all about me and my concerns.  It’s about the  majority of voters choosing what they think is best for their future.

I hope they made a responsible choice.

I wasn’t in love with Hillary Clinton, and I have never been in love with partisan politics even though my views tend to run true Democrat.  I was sad to see the authoritarian choice people made.  I was sad to learn that there are a lot of people who already feel marginalized that now feel that their lives are endangered.  That is part of what makes me feel sick.

I’m white, healthy, old with a fairly steady income going towards retirement.  I’m on the secure side of things.  This new political wind isn’t going to hurt me, and if it does hurt me, it’s going  to hurt people like me who probably have the time and money to make sure their voices are heard.  I’m not sure how to feel about that.  I’m not an undocumented alien, I’m not disabled, I don’t have any long term illnesses, I don’t have citizenship in another country, I’m comfortable with the gender that was decided according to my genitalia at my birth.  I’m a hetero-sexual woman with a strong family.

I was never fighting for me!  It’s my thing to fight for the people who don’t have the same rights as I do.  I imagine I’ll continue doing that.  So, if you aren’t comfortable with seeing my views, the views of someone who isn’t enthralled with the status quo.  Then I suggest you find some other blog.

If you are willing to accept that everyone is unique and special, and that might isn’t right!  Keep reading 🙂





Happy Republican National Convention

Well, the day we have all been waiting for is finally here!  Melania Trump will introduce her husband as the potential next President of the US.

That is exciting isn’t it?

I wonder what she’ll say?  I remember the first time  she spoke on Donald’s behalf.  The only thing I got out of it was don’t punch Donald, because he punches back stronger.  I’ll try to keep that in mind.

I hope the week goes well.  I hope convention-goers are  safe.  I hope Cleveland doesn’t have any  revolts this week. I just want to get through this with as much Democracy in place as possible!

How do you feel about Donald and the  Republican Party?  Are you a dyed in the wool partisan?  Or are you voting for  Donald because you think this country needs a reset?

Enjoy the Convention!




Amazon Fire

We kicked the television habit a year ago by using Apple TV.  It was nice.  We didn’t feel we were really missing out on anything because we didn’t see ads for shows.  We paid for Netflix and Hulu and that was that.

The other night, my significant other decided he wanted to spend another 40 bucks to purchase the Amazon Fire box.  There are lots of games and movies to watch, you can sign up for apps, buy or rent films, but the nice part is that there are a lot of shows to watch without purchasing anything in addition as long as you are an Amazon Prime member.

Believe it or not, we are now watching Shaun the Sheep. 🙂




Lemon Cheese Pudding


I have gathered so many little boxes of jello and pudding, thinking that I’ll have them for those just in case desserts.  Truth is, I never wind up making them.  Instead I open my cabinet and have to paw past them to get to the ingredients I need for making other food.

Tonight I decided to break out one of those packages.  I saw a recipe online that called for one package of orange jello, one can of sweetened condensed milk, 2 cups of hot water and 2 packages of cream cheese.

I decided to change the proportions.  I used the can of sweetened milk, one package of cream cheese, lemon jello and 2 cups of hot water.  I checked the treat before I popped it into the fridge, and it was delightful.

Now I have to hope that my tinkering won’t bother the consistency.

I’ll let you know!



Update: It solidified and was very light tasting.  The lemon flavor wasn’t really strong though. 🙂



A New Skillet

You’d think that after all the years I’ve spent cooking on my electric skillet, that I’d have known it was a skillet, but no!  I always called it an electric grill.  Now of course that is wrong, because what I was using was about 11 inches wide, and 14 inches long and about 3 inches deep.  A skillet!

A rose by any other name…right?  Well, it was right until my husband and I started getting worried about ingesting Teflon.  It’s true, my old grill/griddle/skillet had seen better days.  It was beginning to show it’s very shiny silver finish where there had once been a flat black color.  I decided I needed a new grill.  Only when we went out shopping all I found when I looked for my grill was flat griddles. A griddle has no sides, it might have a drip  edge, but if you pour anything on it’s surface and it’s more liquid than solid, well, it isn’t staying on the surface.  I didn’t want a flat griddle because my darling husband likes making eggs on it, and you can just imagine how those eggs on a griddle wind up on my counter, and then when we aren’t fast with the paper towel, there are eggs are on the floor!

I wanted something that would keep whatever I cooked inside the cookware.  I wanted it to be electric, and I wanted NO Teflon.

We found it!  I got a very nice, relatively inexpensive ceramic skillet.  It heats evenly.  It’s incredibly light, and it doesn’t shed cancer causing coatings.

Now I don’t imagine anyone else uses old Teflon cookware as long as I do, and I’m absolutely embarrassed that I held onto mine past it’s obvious retirement age…but just in case you are looking for a new “electric grill”.  Choose the inexpensive ceramic skillet.  It is so easy to clean that all it takes is a swish with a cloth and that is it!

Thanks for letting me share  this.




Food I hate…

You know how most blogs talk about delicious food?  I could do that, but it’s funny, for me most food is delicious, but there are some foods I absolutely dislike.  No, there are some foods I hate!

For example, the other day I  was out shopping and I thought I’d pick up some avocado’s at Landis, the new market over in Sanatoga.  So there was a sale of 2 of the Haas avocados for 3 dollars.  I grabbed two of the gnarled looking greeny brown ovals and when I got home I added some coconut milk, some honey and I blended it into a nice smooth paste.  I poured it into a bowl and tucked plastic wrap down on it and popped it into the freezer.

It only took an hour or so till it was firm.  I grabbed a spoon and dug in.  I swear that was the most unpleasant mouthful of green stuff I had ever eaten.  It tasted like ice cream with dirt in it.  And not just any dirt, it was like the loamy worm filled dirt that you add to gardens each spring in order to get your peppers and tomatoes to grow.

Bleccch.  Next I might try pepper ice with almond milk and a pinch of Doritos dust.  Then I’ll throw that out immediately.

Maybe I’m not meant to create icy new  taste sensations?!