Blair Sucks!

Have any of you ever purchased through online catalogs?  I generally don’t, but I do like getting them because like most of  you, I too buy online and through catalogs for birthdays and holidays.   So today I was paging through an older catalog from the Blair company.  It was filled with interior home products and I found a cute quilt that I wanted.  I waited till my daughter got home from work to check with her, since it was for her bed, and she agreed it was cute.

I got on the website and filled my basket and when I got to the online checkout, it was charging me the regular price of the item instead of the 40 percent off that was advertised in red on the website, so I called their 1-866 number and spoke with a a clerk who said the price wasn’t showing anything other than regular price,  I asked her how that was possible and she suggested she put me through to customer service. She said, ” you never know, you might as well ask”.  I thought she was very considerate and I was satisfied to wait through the ” all  our representatives are currently busy…” I held and soon a gravelly voiced woman named Brenda got on and I told her what had happened.

Her first response was ” can I have the item number?”  So I gave it to her and waited for the explanation.  But what she said was  that isnt’ the price showing on the website.  I said I checked both the sham price which was showing at 16.99 as opposed to 24.99 and the King sized price which was about 20 dollars less than the 69.99 shown.

I said, look when I go to the home bedding at prices up to 40% off it was there and I went through the steps that I originally had in order to show them where the discount was showing up and guess what?  Suddenly there was nothing showing under the regular prices, but you can see that most of the other items on that page show red numbers beneath the original prices that are the discounted prices.  I said, it now doesn’t say anything about the discounts!  It has said 16.99 on the 24.99 sham, and it showed the lower price for the king! Brenda told me she was able to see all the prices that the item had ever been and it was never at the price I was suggesting I just saw.  I asked her ” why would I lie? I just brought you through the process and the product is in a selection of other home bedding items at up to a 40% discount, and you are saying there is no discount on that item at all?”  She said in her gravelly voice in a very monotone way ” I’m not suggesting you are lying”.  I said, “You know what?  if that is the way Blair does business I can shop elsewhere.”

The worst part, is I was already expecting the kind of nonsense I ran into…but since my daughter was sitting right next to me suggesting I contact customer service in the first place, since the product wasn’t showing up online with the discount removed…I feel bad that she had to hear them telling us we were misinformed.  We were literally shoulder to shoulder and she heard the whole conversation.

When I got off, she was as she said, seething!  She said ” They aren’t allowed to talk to you like you are some crazy woman trying to lie your way into a discount!”

I said, what can you do about it?  I told her I’d just use my dollars to vote and avoid using Blair in the future.  She said she was going to their website.  I think she did too.

Unfortunately, it probably won’t matter a whole lot.  And honestly, I don’t really care.  It’s just another day in paradise! 🙂  Generally I don’t get myself all worked up over shopping problems because I’m a firm believer in using my dollars as my voice, but in today’s fast paced world, my poor dollars don’t make a lot of difference.  I mean seriously, I was trying to get a discounted item- it isn’t like Blair is losing a big customer…but my daughter has a point in saying that we have the ability these days to do more than just walk away from businesses.  We can now voice our opinion and allow others to see what kind of treatment businesses offer.

I have to say I feel a little better now.  I’m not going on facebook, or any other social media sites to bad mouth this company…I have better things to do and I’m sure everyone involved will sleep well tonight-

It’s how my daughter is going to sleep this coming fall that I’m still worrying about 🙂

I wonder if Boscov’s has any black and white quilts?  It is my experience that they still treat folks like valued customers!  I should “Boscov” more 🙂