Don’t Believe Americans Suppport Unmanned Drones!

I found this link on Drudge this morning.  It takes you to Alex Jone’s Infowar site which is pretty radical, but the point is that the survey disgusts me.  Half of all Americans support unmanned drones in the air?

Were you asked?  I know I wasn’t.  I have talked about these vehicles before on this blog and I shared some of my concerns.  One of the biggest is about personal communication for Americans.   These drones can record signals you send from things like cell phones.  I’ll bet some of you are saying ” They can’t get my information, I have a special phone!”  Well, try reading up on it.  The scrambling doesn’t take place at your phone, it takes place at the tower, which is sending to a satellite.  Anything that grabs the information before it gets there gets whatever you’ve whispered into the phone.

I’m all for using these drones for catching bad guys or gals, but first I want American civil liberties protected and I want it in writing.  I want our laws to catch up with our technology before we use technology to catch Americans. There are bad people in the world, but most of us aren’t dangerous and we shouldn’t have our rights stripped to make it easier for authorities.