Removing Age Spots With Castor Oil!

I’m sure it is hard for you to believe that someone my age has trouble with age spots, or liver spots!  Well, it’s true!  Actually, I had one that was bothering me and it was right smack dab on my face- wouldn’t  you know it.  Anyhow, I searched online for ways to remove that unsightly dark spot that was no bigger than a sesame seed but it was soooo visible!

I found an answer, or what I thought might be an answer over at Earth Clinic.  That was after I read a bit about bleaching it or having it lasered off.  Those ideas seemed a little extreme to me so I wanted something easy and painless.  I figured there had to be some old wives tale that just might work and sure enough I spotted a couple right away.

One idea was to use apple cider vinegar.  People on Earth Clinic use that substance a lot, but when I tried it on my face, I had just gotten over a rather serious cold and my skin was abraded from blowing my nose constantly- which explains why I was suddenly staring at my face and noticing age spots popping out.  I dipped a cotton swab in the apple cider vinegar and applied it to my face and I swear I almost collapsed right there in my kitchen.    The pain was pretty severe so I would not recommend that “technique” to anyone.

But there was another suggestion and that was to use plain old castor oil.  Now I’ve used that before and I’ve found good results without any real problems so I daubed some on my finger and then touched it to my face.  The next day I still had the same  spot, but I daubed it again and the next day I still had the same exact spot with no real change…by then I was ready to toss another idea out of the window, but I figured it was worth another attempt.  So I smeared on the oil and went to bed.  Guess what?  After the third application my spot started to fade!

Now I’m not going to say it faded entirely, but I’m already freckled all over, and so having another lightly colored freckle on my head is no big deal, but it is so much better than the darker colored mark that had been there.

Of course I can’t promise it will work for everyone, but it’s a cheap fix if it does work and it’s a lot less painful than some fixes.

Remember I am not a health professional, I sometimes talk about things I do to improve my own personal health,but I insist that you, as a reader, take your health concerns and questions to your own health care providers.  Remember what your mother told you!  If someone told you they were jumping off a bridge…Would you do it?  NO!  So don’t listen to what I say even though I’m telling you what I really did.  I could be lying…but what would be the point?



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